About Us

Boundlessly passionate

We’ll be honest. Before discovering inbound, Octopus has been dedicated to outbound or traditional marketing. In fact, outbound has been our business for 17 years, continuing to effectively serve many brands in the region.

However, the digital revolution in the last decade has proven that a new approach is ready to become the future – Inbound Marketing. With its focus on attracting customers instead of chasing them, we believe that Inbound fits perfectly to the way customers nowadays make their purchase decisions.

And while we continue to be passionate about traditional marketing, we’ve added a new passion to the mix and thus Octopus Inbound was born. And like the name suggests, Inbound is our raison d’ĂȘtre.

Boundlessly efficient

Our belief in Inbound and the way it changes the perspective of marketing from the brand to the customer have transformed our digital capabilities. More than ever before, we are driven by data, focused on strategy, and led by innovation.

Using the Inbound model, Octopus Inbound formulates communication strategies based on buyer personas and buyer journeys, and then implements innovative content based on data and user-behaviour across multiple digital channels from email to social media. Throughout the process, we integrate many digital marketing tools from CMS, SEO, SME, CRM and Analytics to Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.